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The Royal Yachts, founded in 2017, is the best company you have been working for 6 years. We are a licensed and destination management company in the UAE and licensed by the Dubai Government to the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. We pr9vides the best travel services for clients for the B2B and B2C clients in Dubai. From many years’ experience, we provide the best travel service for customers, so our company gained the reputation as the top best destination management company in UAE due to its professional and unique experience. The luxury environment makes your soul refreshed. We plan a unique yacht service in Dubai, to get to-gather  parties and wedding anniversary.

Through a group of well-trained staff, we give them a luxury chance to enjoy different yacht styles, limousine,  Jetski and fishing trips. We provide pick & drop-off service from all over Dubai at the special request of our customers.  Don’t hesitate to book with us. If you are curious about visiting the yacht tour, open your phone and visit our official website, Theroyalyachts.com, and get unique and affordable services from us!

Get a luxury Yacht tour with us to enjoy

  1.    Enjoy Stunning Cruise Paths
  2.    Get a unique experience of Premium Boats & Yachts
  3.    We provide a Professional Approach
  4.    Our Guaranteed Quality Services
  5.    Quickly Booking Through easy way
  6.    Unique Entertainment experience
  7.    4 star catering

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